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RTW Essential Wellness is an institution that provides a holistic approach to services. In case you are wondering what the acronym RTW means, it stands for Rejuvenating Therapeutic Wonder. We provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments for clients to determine their conditions and needs. All our services are conducted by our clinicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists based on the client’s specific needs and treatment.

Photo of RTW's waiting room
Photo of RTW's waiting room
Photo of RTW's waiting room

RTW Essential Wellness is revolutionizing how people of all skin types care for their skin by making cutting-edge laser technology safe, effective, and affordable. Our highly trained medical professionals are committed to helping you achieve your most beautiful skin with certified healthcare professionals that are highly trained in skin methods and overseen by a team of Medical Advisers.

RTW Essential Wellness is growing and experiencing success in developing products, opening new locations, and creating the ultimate experience for our clients! Our goal is to help provide quality wellness services and to help our customers feel beautiful and healthy. We do this by offering treatments that provide accurate results with no downtime. So if you are eager to join an innovative company and want to be a valuable part of a team and brand innovating beauty and skincare, we want to hear from you!

We are led by Marie Rose, RN, BSN, MS QSM, NP

Marie Rose is an immigrant, nurse, nurse practitioner, and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience. As an activist, she is heavily involved in the Black community. As an entrepreneur, she started RTW after learning how to love herself and her body. Marie Rose welcomes you to request an appointment today so that she can help you love yourself and your body as well!

Photo of Marie Rose

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Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? It has always been our passion to provide high-quality services and products that focus on self-care like no other. Give us a call at (617) 368-0820 or click the button below to book.