General Questions

Are your services medically supervised?  

Yes, all of our services are overseen by qualified and experienced medical professionals to ensure safety and efficacy. 

Do you offer consultations?  

Yes, we offer complimentary consultations to discuss your needs, preferences, and any concerns you might have about our treatments and services. 

Weight Loss

How does your weight loss program work?  

Our weight loss programs are personalized, incorporating medical evaluations, nutritional guidance, lifestyle counseling, and ongoing support to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. 

Can I join the weight loss program if I have a pre-existing medical condition?  

Our medical professionals will review your medical history to determine if our weight loss program is suitable for you. 


Is Botox safe?  

When administered by trained and qualified professionals, Botox is generally considered safe and is FDA approved for cosmetic use. 

How long do the effects of Botox last?  

Botox effects typically last between 3 to 6 months, varying from individual to individual. 

IV Vitamin Therapy

What are the benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy?  

IV Vitamin Therapy can provide hydration and essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream, potentially benefiting energy levels, immune function, and overall well-being. 

How long does an IV Vitamin Therapy session last?  

Typically, an IV Vitamin Therapy session lasts around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the specific treatment. 

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) 

What is PRP, and how does it work?  

PRP involves drawing a small amount of your blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets, and then injecting it into the treatment area to promote healing and rejuvenation. 

What conditions can be treated with PRP?  

PRP is commonly used for skin rejuvenation, hair loss, joint and soft tissue injuries, and other conditions. 

Booking and Payment:  

How do I book an appointment?  

You can book an appointment by calling our office at (617) 368-0820 or by scheduling online through AestheticsPro.

Do you accept insurance?


What is your cancellation policy?  

Please refer to our cancellation policy on our website or contact us directly for details. 


How can I prepare for my first visit?  

Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork and bring a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking. 

Do you offer gift cards or packages?  

Yes, we offer gift cards and various packages to meet your needs and preferences. 

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