Do you suffer from frequent migraines?

When migraines kick in, they can leave us feeling debilitated for hours on end. While over-the-counter pain medication can offer temporary relief, not reaching for the medicine cabinet all the time is preferable for most of us. If you’re in need of a natural solution, look no further than the IV infusions at RTW Essential Wellness. Our Myers Mixture is designed to improve your body’s function and help you feel like yourself again.


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How can I tell if I have a migraine?

The most obvious sign of a headache is pain. This pain can last anywhere from a few minutes to an entire day. Beyond this, you may also experience nausea, light sensitivity, and a lack of appetite. Perhaps the most annoying thing about getting regular headaches is the amount of time they take away from us. Head pain can leave us bedridden all day long!

How can RTW help me?

We rely on our Myers Mixture to address headache symptoms before they occur. This mixture is made up of B complex vitamins, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and more. These nutrients and minerals combine to not only improve your mood but help your body regain its chemical balance. With your system in check, the frequency of headaches should diminish.

Treat your migraines at RTW in Boston

Are you struggling with frequent migraines? You may have a nutritional imbalance! Don’t trust questionable injections; turn to a natural hydrating solution and get the relief you need. To get started, get in touch with our team in Boston. Click the button below or call 617-368-0820; we’ll contact you with the next steps as soon as possible.

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