Looking for hair restoration that actually works?

Hair loss affects thousands of men and women across the world. Many turn to over-the-counter cures when they notice signs of thinning. However, there is a better solution available in the form of PRP hair restoration. This simple, natural method for improving hair quality can offer impressive results after only a few sessions. Get in touch with our team at RTW Essential Wellness to learn more.


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What is PRP hair restoration?

PRP is a substance in your blood containing high growth factor levels. PRP treatments involve isolating these growth factors and injecting them back into the target area. In the case of PRP hair restoration, we inject the plasma into your scalp to help increase blood flow to hair follicles and enrich them naturally. This process will awaken your cells, causing them to produce thicker hair.

How does PRP treat hair loss?

Our PRP hair restoration process is designed specifically to restore and enhance hair growth on the scalp. This treatment is a great choice whether you’re losing your hair due to genetics or other underlying factors. In the case of hair loss due to chronic illness, we will need to discuss the procedure and determine whether PRP is right for you before treatment. Since this treatment relies on your plasma, it poses no risk of rejection.

What can I expect during treatments?

The treatment process begins with drawing a small sample of your blood, less than the amount you would give for a blood test. The sample is spun in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma. The separated platelets go into a solution that we inject directly into the vascular layer of your scalp. The whole procedure typically takes less than a half hour to perform. Several sessions may be necessary to see results from this treatment.

Restore your hair at RTW in Boston

If you are tired of struggling with hair loss and are looking for a solution that works, RTW Essential Wellness may have a solution for you. Using PRP hair restoration, we can promote new hair growth with just a couple of treatments. Book a consultation using the the button below or call 617-368-0820. We can’t wait to meet you!

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