Working on your lashes everyday can become tedious!

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your eyelashes professionally, without the hassle of doing it yourself, we offer lash treatments in Boston. Whenever you feel like your eyelashes are lacking fullness, volume, and shape, allow us to provide you with options to restore and enhance them. Price: $150; Duration: 1hr and 30 minutes.


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Which lash treatment is right for me?

At RTW Essential Wellness, we offer a range of lash services to fit your every need! During the initial consultation, we can determine which treatments are right for you. Our treatments are administered with the greatest precision and care to help you get the results you want. No downtime is required following your appointment and the procedures are performed to minimize discomfort.

Are these treatments safe?

Yes, our lash services are completely safe and can offer long-lasting results that you’re certain to love! During your session, we will do everything possible to make you feel at ease. Our services do not require any post-procedure downtime and are generally described as tolerable.

What can I expect from the results?

Anyone who receives an eyelash treatment will be able to enjoy the perfect lashes right away! Most of our lash treatments last between 3-8 weeks. However, your face scrub, and how frequently you wash your eyes will make a difference in the duration of your treatment. For long-term brow/lash tint results, we will happily provide you with post-treatment instructions.

Get lash treatments at RTW in Boston

Style the look of your lashes here at RTW Essential Wellness today! We offer a range of options to help you create the look you want. To get started, simply click the button below or give us a call at 617-368-0820.

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