Feeling fed up with these streaky lines?

The appearance of stretch marks (striae) can often feel like a mystery. These marks can appear on the belly, back, arms, and thighs – sometimes seemingly overnight. But new aesthetic treatments can allow us to eliminate these marks as soon as they develop. Here at RTW Essential Wellness, we offer microneedling treatments, which rejuvenates the skin and eases the appearance of striae without hassle or extended downtime.


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What causes stretch marks?

Collagen and elastin are created and rush to the scene to repair the damage when your skin is stretched too far. That repair process is how stretch marks, or striae, form. The unfortunate thing is that although your body heals, stretch marks don’t go away. They simply become red or white lines over time. Rapid weight gain and pregnancy are the most common causes of stretching, though growth spurts in children can also cause these marks.

How can RTW help me?

We offer microneedling treatments, a minimally invasive method of addressing skin concerns like stretch marks–but also fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars. During treatments, small injuries created by the micro-needles result in a natural rush of collagen that helps your skin heal. As your skin heals, your skin texture will gradually improve – all without the use of added chemicals.

What can I expect during treatments?

Microneedling is performed in a safe and precise manner with the use of a sterile needle head. The treatment is normally completed within 30-60 minutes, depending on the areas that you’re looking to address. Before we start, a topical anesthetic will be applied to your skin to ensure a comfortable experience. 

After the skin is numbed, your RTW provider will gently move the microneedling device over your skin to puncture the epidermis layers and create minuscule sub-cutaneous injuries. These microscopic wounds stimulate new collagen deposition, which may last up to a year but close within less than an hour.

Reduce your stretch marks at RTW in Boston

If you have stretch marks that you’re tired of looking at, we can help. At RTW Essential Wellness, we offer microneedling to help you clear your skin and get the results you seek. Get in touch to learn more by clicking the button below or calling 617-368-0820.

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