The perfect brows do exist!

Living with sparse or thin eyebrows can be frustrating. Most of us tend to take our eyebrows for granted, but once they’re gone, we wish we could have them back. Whether you’ve noticed a decline in brow fullness, or have always struggled with little to no eyebrow hair, we can help. At RTW Essential Wellness, we offer effective microblading, permanent makeup, and shading treatments to help you shape and form the perfect brows. Our treatments are simple and deliver long-lasting results without downtime or complications.


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What is microblading?

Enhance your beauty with us by taking advantage of our microblading service. Similar to traditional tattooing, this treatment can provide you with semi-permanent pigment. This pigment will mimic the natural shape of your brows, helping them appear fuller and more pronounced. 

Price: $500; Touch-ups: $175

Duration: 2 hrs.

How does microblading work?

When you come in for your microblading session, we will begin by first choosing a color that matches your natural hair and complements your skin tone. We will then clean your brow area and numb it for the treatment. Instead of using a traditional tattoo machine, we will methodically draw hair strokes onto your skin. This process can be extensive, lasting upwards of two hours, but the results are well worth it!

What can I expect from microblading results?

In most cases, results of eyebrow microblading can last for up to 2-3 years. For some, however, eyebrow fading may begin sooner. For the best results, we recommend that you come in for several touch-up sessions. During your session, we will provide a topical numbing gel to make the experience as tolerable on you as possible. After your session, feel free to reach out to us for post-treatment care or if you have any questions.

What are ombre powder brows?

If you wish to have a permanent makeup treatment that uses a machine or handheld tool like our ombre powder brows, our professional can help! Your eyebrow will surely look fuller and defined for up to 5 years!

Price: $500

Duration: 1hr. 35 minutes

Can I add shading to my microblading treatments?

Yes! Microblading alone can look too light depending on the circumstance. But, if you incorporate it with some shading, you can get the density your brows deserve. 

Price: $500

Duration: 1hr. and 30 minutes

Get the best in brow treatments at RTW in Boston

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